Stormont House Agreement Legacy

18.The Irish government will play a role in parts of a new process. It will need to maintain a collaborative approach to help resolve old cases, which, as we have heard, has not always been the case in the past. The best way to achieve this is for the UK Government to pursue a policy of judicious and appropriate cooperation with the Irish Government, as provided for in the Stormont House agreement. A number of new agencies will be created in the management of the legacy of the riots. Hoare added: “The way we approach the legacy of the riots is rightly a huge challenge. To solve the problems of the NI legacy, we will work quickly to implement the Stormont House Agreement to ensure both the reconciliation of the victims and greater security for military veterans… Alongside the Stormont House Agreement institutions, we will address the inappropriate application of the Human Rights Act to the issues that arose before it came into force.22 8.The new institutions were not put in place when the executive collapsed in January 2017. From May to October 2018, the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) conducted a public consultation on the implementation of the agreement`s contaminated site proposals. The consultation received more than 17,000 responses, with the NIO publishing its analysis in July 2019.12 In addition to the consultation document, the government also published a bill13. The agreement exists and is part of the paradigm established by previous peace agreements signed between 1998 and 2007. Innocent Victims United (IVU) said the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee (NIAC) must accept that “the Stormont House Agreement proposals [for inheritances] are dead.” See Morning View: London`s restraint on inheritance is exploited – as we have warned – by those who want to focus on the security forces 16.The Stormont House agreement referred to cooperation between the UK and the Irish authorities in unresolved cases: 13.In the WMS, The Northern Ireland Minister has set out a new framework to tackle legacy charges in Northern Ireland. , including “significant changes” to the Stormont House24 agreement, referring to the NIO`s public consultation on Bill 2018, he explained: playNorthern Ireland talks: Leaders welcome broad agreement He added that if the Republic of Ireland were not to engage with the legacy structures, “those we represent will continue to be treated in an unfair and unfair manner.”34 Advocacy Advocacy Manager Support Ken Funston concluded that the organization had found that had found it “fast on impossible to get any”thing from the Irish authorities 35 Judith Thompson, then Commissioner for Victims, stressed the role of the Irish government in dealing with old cases: to ensure that the legacy of the riots was not forgotten, it was agreed to have set up an oral history archive allowing those involved to share their experiences on the riots.

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