Windows Server 2012 R2 Enterprise Agreement

Price information and licenses for Windows Server 2012 R2 are available in Windows Server 2012 license descriptions are published in and Server 2008 R2 Ent Server 2012 R2 h. Windows Server 2012. Windows Server continues to use a two-tiered licensing model. Server-side licenses offer the right to run one or more instances from Windows Server to server hardware, and three types of client access licenses give users or end-users the right to access server resources. Several standard editing licenses can be assigned to a single server (“stacking”) to increase the number of VM simultaneously allowed. While this was the least costly licensing approach for scenarios involving 10 VMs or less simultaneously, taking into account the administrative burden of software licensing compliance audits can become more costly overall. During a compliance check, customers who wish to confirm that the virtualized workloads of a windows server are covered by stacking standard editing licenses will likely be asked to show how the claim is supported. For example, the client could prove that technical restrictions make it impossible to run at more than the authorized number of VMs, or that protocols from the previous 90 days prove that the maximum number of authorized VMs has never been exceeded.

Both editions of the server contain the same technical features and features and differ only in relation to the virtualization rights. The Datacenter Edition license offers the right to run an unlimited number of virtual machines (VM) on the licensed server, while each standard editing license allows up to two Windows Server-based VM. An alternative to session-based remote desktops is VDI. With VDI, each user`s desktop (including the operating system, applications and user data) is run on a VM that is hosted on a centrally managed server. Each hosted VM runs a business edition of the Windows client system, z.B. Windows 7 or 8 Professional or Enterprise Edition.

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